Mathematics Department

Paul Bailey

Math Teacher

Mr. Paul Bailey has been employed by the Coshocton County Career Center since August 20...

Melinda Gale

Math Teacher

Miss Melinda Gale has been employed by the Coshocton County Career Center since August ...

Transitions Math

Transitions Math is a course that bridges the gap between Algebra I and Algebra II; it is a review of Algebra I concepts and an introduction to Algebra II concepts. Transitions Math is the ideal course for students who have passed Algebra I but are not quite ready for Algebra II.

Financial Algebra

Algebra II

This course will review and expand on concepts covered in Algebra I and Geometry. Topics in this class will include use of number properties and acceptable practices used to solve problems and equations. Students will work with quadratics and matrix methods, along with the use and understanding of logarithmic equations and basic trigonometry. This course is designed to prepare students for success in College Algebra or related courses.

College Credit Plus Algebra


This course will advance concepts covered in Algebra II and continue practical use of methods and rules from all 8-11 grade math coursework. Class topics will include functions and graphing, trig functions and identities, and other topics from analytic geometry. This course will prepare students for mathematics training in a post-secondary setting.

Advanced Math & Trigonometry

An advanced level course which addresses the subject matter as a practical approach to solving problems involving triangles and a treatment of college level application of most all identities which are used in calculus and often advanced classes.